Remembering Kobe Bryant

Growing up in Southern California, I was able to see first hand the impact that Kobe had made on many of my peers and the people I have met. My team affiliation has always been the Clippers, but Kobe was someone I always admired and loved to watch. The man was one of the greatest to play the game and he was still never satisfied. No one worked harder than 24. Every young athlete should try to emulate his work ethic. Even after he retired, he won an Oscar and was a dedicated coach for his daughters.

I’ve had the day to reflect on everything that transpired and the life of Kobe Bryant. It still doesn’t feel real. I don’t know if it ever will.

To whom may read this, take whatever time you need to mourn. Tell the people around you that you love them every moment you get. End any insignificant rifts you may have with someone. We don’t have an unlimited number of days on Earth. Use every single moment to be the best possible version of your self you can be. When you’re ready, attack your job, class, sport, etc. with the mamba mentality. This is what Kobe would want to remembered for.

My thoughts are with the Bryant, Altobelli, and Mauser families, and all those affected by today’s tragic accident.

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